We create AR experiences for Instagram and Facebook. Plus we do other XR / New Media content. Preparing for the future.


@fedez Instagram account (Italy)

Tarjeta Naranja / Banco Galicia (Argentina)

Rexona / Unilever Campaign for Copa Libertadores (Latin America)

Adidas Installation (Argentina)

Incucai (Argentina)

@filipcustic1 (Spain)

+20 Instagram @tokyyto Effects (5 billion impressions)


F8 by Facebook

California, USA. 2019

Event by Facebook

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2019

Trimarchi Festival

Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2019


"Quién es Tokyyto" La Nacion

"Referentes Sub-35" La Nacion

"Tokyyto" Clarín

"The future of Instagram face filters is glossy, metallic, and surreal" The Verge